1B359F010540 085505014104 touch screen

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Time: 2016-12-21
Summary: 1B359F010540 085505014104 touch screen 1B359F010540 085505014104 touch panel 1B359F010540 085505014104 touch membrane 1B359F010540 085505014104 touch glass 1B359F010540 085505014104 touch digitizer 1B359F010540 085505014104 touch assemble 1B359F010540 085505014104 touch front 1B359F010540 085505014104 touch interface 1B359F010540 085505014104 touch cover 1B359F010540 085505014104 protective film 1B359F010540 085505014104 overlay label 1B359F010540 085505014104 front foil

1B359F010540 085505014104 touch screen
1B359F010540 085505014104 touch panel
1B359F010540 085505014104 touch membrane
1B359F010540 085505014104 touch glass
1B359F010540 085505014104 touch digitizer
1B359F010540 085505014104 touch assemble
1B359F010540 085505014104 touch front
1B359F010540 085505014104 touch interface
1B359F010540 085505014104 touch cover
1B359F010540 085505014104 protective film
1B359F010540 085505014104 overlay label
1B359F010540 085505014104 front foil

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Table 1:

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touch scren for DMCtouch scren for AMT
touch scren for 3M Microtouch
touch scren for Gunze
touch scren for FUJI 

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